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Hippo Zookeeper Box

Hippo Zookeeper Box

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🦛 Dive into the riverbanks with our Hippo Box! Let your child embark on a wild and wonderful adventure, discovering the secrets of one of Africa's most fascinating creatures.  Join us as we wade through knowledge, ignite curiosity, and inspire a love for conservation in every young adventurer! 🦛

Box includes:  

  • Animal Fact Card
  • My Animal Report
  • Educational Book
  • Activity Pack
  • Animal Puzzle
  • Craft Activity
  • Plush Animal
  • Surprise Bag & more!

The Hippo Box is a past Zookeeper Box from our subscription.   We have a limited quantity of these boxes for a one-time box purchase.  Box will ship within 3 days.  Shipping charges will be added at checkout.  

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