Welcome to the Club! - May 2023

Welcome to the Club! - May 2023

Welcome to the Animal Explorers Club!   My name is Vicki and I am the founder of the Animal Explorers Club.  Let me tell you about the Animal Explorers Club and how you can join our club and learn all about animals.

Mo the Sloth

Meet my friend Mo the Sloth - he is just one of the many animals that live at our family zoo called Cape Safari Park!  Yes, our family owns a zoo which is located in Southeast Missouri.   Let me give you a little background on who we are and just what we do. 


My family has always had animals.  It started with horses and grew over the past 50 plus years into a family zoo that now includes my grandchildren helping to take care of the animals – our fourth generation of zookeepers.

My passion is educating children (and adults) about animals.   This year I turned over the reins of the zoo operation to one of my son’s and his family so that I can concentrate more on animal education.

That’s how I came up with the idea of the Animal Explorers Club!  I would love for you to join our Animal Explorers Club social media pages and follow us on our journey to teach you about all the amazing animals in the world!

I grew up around all different species of animals.  My family operated a drive thru animal park when I was a teenager.  We have had rhinos, hippos, zebras, camels, alligators, lions, bears, giraffes, and even an elephant just to name a few.  Too many to name them all right here.  So, I don’t just teach about animal education, I have actually lived it!

Come hang out with me here at the Animal Explorers Club and I will tell you about several of the awesome animals that lived at our zoo over the past years.  We even had a few chimpanzees that lived in our house! Now, those were some fun memories for sure and stories for another time!

So now that I no longer run the day to day operations of the zoo, I actually get to spend MORE time with the animals!  Let me tell you, being a zookeeper is mostly feeding and cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning!  So if you have ever thought about being a zookeeper – guess what – you are going to do a lot of cleaning!


Here are a few more animals that call our zoo home!  Meet Gus the Gator!

Gus the Gator

Gus is an American Alligator and we just love him!  Gus is one of our educational encounter animals that is part of our Safari Animal Encounters Educational Program and Photo Booth that travels to schools, fairs, festivals, and other events!  And, you can catch him at the zoo also doing encounters where you can meet him up close and personal!  Well, at least while he is small because one day he may be up to 14 feet long and weigh up to 1000 lbs. 

Pearl the Python

Who likes snakes?  Or, maybe you don’t like snakes?  Well, I want you to meet Pearl the Python!  She is really a sweetheart!   I have to admit that snakes are not my favorite animal.  But, me and Pearl have gotten to be pretty good buds.  She is actually the fan favorite when we do encounters and photos at events!  She is a ball python which are the smallest of the African pythons.  Pearl will only get from 4 to 7 feet long.  The reticulated python is the longest python reaching a size of up to 30 feet long.  I think I am going to just keep hanging out with Pearl!

Charlie the Kangaroo Joey

The last animal friend that I want you to meet is Charlie the Kangaroo!.  Isn’t he cute?  Charlie is a Red Kangaroo Joey.  Red Kangaroos are the largest of the kangaroo species.  When he is full grown Charlie will be able to stand up to 6 feet tall, jump 6 feet high, and leap 25 to 30 feet forward at one time.  But, until then Charlie is part of our educational, encounter, and photo programs both at the zoo and our traveling exhibits.  Oh, and he also lives in my house!  Charlie just hangs out with me and gets lots of snuggles all day long. He might be a little spoiled!  Kangaroos are one of my favorite animals!


So, you can learn about animals by visiting our zoo – Cape Safari Park – if you are in the Southeast Missouri area.  You can also book our Safari Animal Encounters Educational Program, Live Animal Show, or Encounter Photo Booth which we will travel and bring to your school, fair, festival, or event.  But, what if you are located a long way from Missouri?  Well, we’ve got you covered there too.

I would like to introduce you to the Zookeeper Box which is a monthly subscription where you receive animal education in a box delivered right to your front doorstep! 

Each month features a new animal and includes the following:  Animal Fact Card, My Animal Report, Activity Pack, Game or Craft, Book or Magazine, Toy, Plush Animal and a Surprise Bag!  It’s a Wild Adventure in Every Box!  Our subscribers are loving their boxes and all the fun and educational activities inside!   Just go to zookeeperbox.com to find out what animal is featured in the next month’s box!  So far, we’ve done a Sloth, Polar Bear, Penguin, Hippo, Elephant, and Rhino.  But, there are plenty more animals to come.  And, if you want to just give us a try OR you are a subscriber and you missed a box – you can find some of our past boxes on our website or thru our email. 

And, just for signing up for email and learning about the Zookeeper Box, you can download our FREE Habitat Fact Sheet.  This fact sheet goes great with the Animal Fact Cards you receive in each month’s box.  However, no purchase  necessary to receive the FREE Habitat Fact Sheet – that is our FREE GIFT to you - just sign up for our email where you will also learn more fun animal facts and offers.

The Animal Explorers Club is the club to join if you want to learn about animals.  And, the best part is it’s FREE!  We will have Facebook posts with animal facts such as Fun Fact Tuesdays and Habitat Fact Thursdays.  Come learn all about past animals that we have raised such as Tank the Baby Rhino who is now 37 years old!  We will also be sharing some great videos and info about the animals that live at our family zoo  – such as our lemur troops and lots of baby animals too!

Join the Animal Explorers Club by following our social media pages!  

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We want to share the world of animals with both children and adults alike and we think you will have fun and learn about animals along the way!

We will leave it here for now but I’ll be back next month with more from the Animal Explorers Club!  See you soon and have a zooper day!

Animal Explorers Club


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