September 2023 Club News

September 2023 Club News

Hey, it’s Vicki with the Animal Explorers Club!  It’s the end of summer, school has started back, and we are heading into Fall.  This is the time of year when our zoo starts being open shorter hours and the animals can feel a change in the weather coming soon!  


I love Fall and it is my favorite season.  However, as a zookeeper the change in the weather from summer to fall / winter temps can be annoying.  We are constantly watching the weather predictions for low or high temperatures so we can decide if we need heat lamps on or off.  Do animals need to be housed in winter quarters early due to lower temperatures or will they be alright for another day/night.  It is a constant worry! 

Our sloth is housed in our heated encounter room at the zoo and we have another heated room for winter quarters for other animals.  During severe weather conditions - snowy or rainy - I get very anxious to see if we are going to lose electric power.  Some of our animals need constant temperatures due to their habitats.  That requires backup plans when the electric does go out due to weather conditions.  But, we have always managed to take care of all the animals and keep them safe and comfortable no matter what the changing weather brings our way.  All part of being a zookeeper!


If you want to learn more about the habitats of animals, you can always tune in to Habitat Fact Thursdays on our social media pages.  Every Thursday, we post a fact about habitats and the animals that live in those habitats.

We studied the Ocean Habitat all summer because our Zookeeper Boxes in June, July, and August contained ocean animals.  In September, we will be learning more about oceans and other habitats as Otters can live in both oceans and rivers.

We have decided to offer a box every quarter that will allow our little zookeepers to learn more about habitats.  Coming in October, we will have a Habitat Activity Box available for purchase as an additional one-time box.  These Habitat Activity Boxes will be a mystery box - you won’t know which habitat until you open it - and there will be a new habitat box each quarter.  

Watch our social media pages and email for more information coming soon!


By this time, our subscribers should have received their September Otter Boxes.  There was a special surprise in those boxes from Pixie and Trixie, our Small Clawed Asian Otters!  

We offered a few more slots for our September Otter Box and quickly sold out.  We have now already sold out of our October Giraffe Boxes.  However, don’t panic, we opened up more slots for the Giraffe Box and at this time only have 10 more slots available for October.  Thanks to our subscribers and fans - we are growing! 

GIRAFFE ZOOKEEPER BOX.png__PID:f78c1ddc-99f3-47e9-9414-52ebb6ce3a16

So don’t be left out of all the fun – you have until September 26th to subscribe and receive our October Giraffe Box!  There is a wild adventure in every box and it is delivered right to your doorstep for fun and learning all about animals every month!

As a reminder, we also have a limited number of our Past Boxes on the Shop page of our website at   So if you missed a box or you just want to try us out before you subscribe – go on over to our website and check out some of our past boxes. 

Don’t forget to watch for our Animal Fun Fact Tuesdays and Habitat Fact Thursdays on our social media pages!  


We will be learning ALL ABOUT GIRAFFES in October!  Our family has owned several giraffes throughout the years!  Here is a photo of my Dad with J.C. - one of our many giraffes!

Join us in October on our social media pages for more stories and tall tales about giraffes!  

We will leave it here for now but I’ll be back next month with more from the Animal Explorers Club!  See you soon and have a zooper day!

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