October 2023 Club News

October 2023 Club News

Hey, it’s Vicki with the Animal Explorers Club!  My animals and I have been busy with our Fall festival season and a few school educational programs. We will start our Christmas holiday season before you know it.


The Fall is always full of petting zoos, animal rides, and encounter booths at all the Fall festivals.  Then we go right into the Christmas Nativity Scene season after Thanksgiving.  Our crew will travel several states with the camels, sheep, and donkey for Christmas nativity scenes and events.  This has been part of our life since I was a kid during the holidays.  My favorite event was when we used to provide animals at Conway Twitty’s Twitty City!  This was at his residence and it would be all decorated with lights and music.  All the animal displays - petting zoo, animal rides, and Santa’s reindeer - would all be under one huge tent.  Everytime I listen to Alabama’s Christmas music that brings back that memory - those songs played over and over and over during that month!  Good times, but that was over 35 years ago - time sure flies!!

We have several nativity events booked, but I am still trying to find an indoor gig for my encounter booth.  Just a little too cold for my kangaroo and reptiles to be outside during December!  I will host the Christmas Zoo Train with my animals and Santa, Mrs. Claus, The Grinch, Frosty, and a few more friends at a local area Christmas train.  I’ve done this a few years now and tickets are all sold out for that event! 


Last month we made an announcement about our Habitat Activity Box.  We decided to offer a one-time box every quarter that will allow our little zookeepers to learn more about habitats.  These Habitat Activity Boxes will be a mystery box - you won’t know which habitat until you open it - and there will be a new habitat box each quarter.  

Inside the box, they will discover a mystery habitat fact card and four exciting activities related to the featured habitat.  These will be a one-time purchase that is perfect for gifting or as a special educational experience.

Each mystery box is a fun and educational way for children to explore the world's diverse ecosystems, learn about the incredible creatures that inhabit them, and develop a deep appreciation for the importance of conservation.  

Boxes can be purchased between October 10th thru 25th only and supplies will be limited!  These boxes will ship out by November 7th. 

Watch our social media pages and email for more information!


By this time, our subscribers should have received their October Giraffe Boxes.  We sold out of our October Giraffe Boxes and opened up a few more slots.  We are on track to sell out of our November Kangaroo Boxes too!  Don’t wait to subscribe because they are going quickly! 

KANGAROO ZOOKEEPER BOX.png__PID:c1b5563a-9fb8-4027-be31-4db8fadddefd

So don’t be left out of all the fun – you have until October 26th to subscribe and receive our November Kangaroo Box!  There is a wild adventure in every box and it is delivered right to your doorstep for fun and learning all about animals every month!

As a reminder, we also have a limited number of our Past Boxes on the Shop page of our website at animalexplorersclub.com   So if you missed a box or you just want to try us out before you subscribe – go on over to our website and check out some of our past boxes. 

Don’t forget to watch for our Animal Fun Fact Tuesdays and Habitat Fact Thursdays on our social media pages!  


We will be learning ALL ABOUT KANGAROOS in November!  Since I do live animal encounters and educational programs, I almost ALWAYS have a baby Kangaroo living in my house!  Here is Rowdy the Roo who loves to lay in front of my patio door and sun himself when he is not working!  He only works 1 or 2 days a week and not every week so he has a pretty good life!  

Join us in November on our social media pages for more stories about kangaroos!  

We will leave it here for now but I’ll be back next month with more from the Animal Explorers Club!  See you soon and have a zooper day!

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