July 2023 Club News

July 2023 Club News

Hey, it’s Vicki with the Animal Explorers Club!  I am so excited to share our new box design with you!  Our new boxes have actually arrived at the warehouse and they will be premiered with our August Whale Box!  They are super cute and interactive!  Here is a sneak peek:

Our little zookeepers will be able to write the species name on one end of these boxes and actually “name” their animal and write the animals’ name on the other end.  They are made to look like actual wooden shipping crates so you can actually house your plushie in these crates as you “Collect Them All”.  Normally, USDA regulations would require you to put “live animal” stickers on a shipping crate - however, in this instance it would actually confuse the Post Office so we had to leave that wordage off these boxes - lol!


I have friends ask me “what is this Zookeeper Box you have and why are you doing a subscription box”?  Well, let me tell them and you!  I have been raised around animals my whole life and actually don’t know anything else but a life that involves animals.  My family life (childhood and married life) revolves around the world of animals.  I have become very passionate about educating people about animals and why we need them!  In all honesty, the general public is not aware of how animals AND agriculture affect their daily lives.  I want to change that and am hoping that the Zookeeper Box will help with educating both kids and adults!  

Our family has educated the public in various ways (through our family zoo and traveling programs) and have touched thousands of children’s lives over the past 50 years.  I love seeing the look of amazement and excitement on a child’s face when they touch an animal for the first time OR hear them telling me an animal fact they learned from our program.  The Zookeeper Box is a way to reach hundreds or thousands more so they can learn about animals too!  My Dad used to always tell me “we do this all for the little children”!  I can still hear him saying that every day!  That is why I started the Zookeeper Box!


We are still with our theme of an ocean full of fun for the summer!  Our June Sea Turtle Boxes and July Shark Boxes have been shipped out to our Zookeeper Box subscribers!  The August Whale Box is coming soon! 

Thanks to our subscribers because we almost sold out of our Shark Boxes in July - only 3 leftover boxes last month!  Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is now scheduled to start July 23rd!  We will be posting the schedule and details on our social media - watch for updates!

So don’t be left out of all the fun – you have until July 26th to subscribe and receive our August Whale Box!  There is a wild adventure in every box and it is delivered right to your doorstep for fun and learning all about animals!

As a reminder, we also have a limited number of our Past Boxes on the Shop page of our website at animalexplorersclub.com   So if you missed a box or you just want to try us out before you subscribe – go on over to our website and check out some of our past boxes. 

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Don’t forget to watch for our Animal Fun Fact Tuesdays and Habitat Fact Thursdays on our social media pages!


Since we last talked, we have added 2 new animal friends to our zoo!  We are sooooo excited to introduce you to Pixie and Trixie - our Small Clawed Asian Otters!  

These two cuties will be joining the zoo and our traveling encounter program where the public will be able to get up close and personal with them!  Last month we featured some other animals from our family zoo – Cape Safari Park located in Southeast Missouri!  So make sure you are following us on our social media pages to keep up with all the happenings at our family zoo and travels!  PS - I wonder what a future Zookeeper Box might feature?  Hmmm.  Better subscribe now, so you don’t miss the next one!.

We will leave it here for now but I’ll be back next month with more from the Animal Explorers Club!  See you soon and have a zooper day!

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