December 2023 Club News

December 2023 Club News

Hey, it’s Vicki with the Animal Explorers Club!  Well, Christmas is almost here and it will soon be the end of the year as well.  We are looking forward to another great year with the Animal Explorers Club.  And, we also want to look backward to what happened in 2023 and remember the past year. 


As I look back over the past year, I am so happy with the way the Animal Explorers Club has grown. We have grown our social media following and our subscribers to the Zookeeper Box.  

I am the most excited with the way the Zookeeper Box has been received by our little zookeepers.  Since we started the box in November of 2022, our zookeepers have learned about sloths, polar bears, penguins, hippos, dolphins, elephants, rhinos, sea turtles, sharks, whales, otters, giraffes, kangaroos, and llamas.  I LOVE educating kids about animals - both with the Zookeeper Box and my live presentations.

In case you missed one of our boxes, we also offer these past boxes (limited supply) in the shop on our website.  We will be adding a few more past boxes from 2023 before the end of the year.  You can Collect Them All and learn about all of these animals!



We can’t wait to bring our little zookeepers more animals and wild learning in the coming year.  My own grandkids help me pick out animals for the upcoming boxes and we have a strategy meeting planned for next week.  I have found a new supplier for our plush animals and we will be getting very specific with our animal selection for 2024.  

Watch our social media pages and your email for more information!  


By this time, our subscribers should have received their December Llama Boxes.  We are currently offering our January Arctic Fox Boxes to new subscribers.  If you ordered a Holiday Gift Subscription, your subscription will start with our Arctic Fox Box as well.  January boxes ship by January 7th!  Don’t wait to subscribe because they are going quickly - limited boxes available for new subscriptions! 

So don’t be left out of all the fun – you have until December 26th to subscribe and receive our January Arctic Fox Box!  There is a wild adventure in every box and it is delivered right to your doorstep for fun and learning all about animals every month!

As a reminder, we also have a limited number of our Past Boxes on the Shop page of our website at   So if you missed a box or you just want to try us out before you subscribe – go on over to our website and check out some of our past boxes. 

Don’t forget to watch for our Animal Fun Fact Tuesdays and Habitat Fact Thursdays on our social media pages!  


As you know, our entire family is in the animal business.  I want you to meet this little baby alligator.  This is what my sister got her grandson for Christmas!  Now I don’t recommend just giving a baby alligator to any kid, but her grandson will be really excited when he sees this on Christmas!  He’s so cute!  We will probably borrow him for our live animal presentations this coming year so we can show the growth difference between my 2 year old gator, Gus, and this little guy who is about 6 inches long..  

We will leave it here for now but I’ll be back next month with more from the Animal Explorers Club!  See you soon and have a zooper day!  Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Looking forward to 2024!

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