August 2023 Club News

August 2023 Club News

Hey, it’s Vicki with the Animal Explorers Club!  I just got back from being on the road for a few weeks at county fairs in Missouri and Iowa!  Did you know we take our “live” animals to fairs, festivals, and other events?


Since I was a kid, our family has been traveling with our animals to events across the country.  That is how I have been in every state but Alaska (still my dream trip).  We have even been to Hawaii with our animals - they traveled by freight liner in case you were wondering how that worked.  We were there for a total of 10 years for 30 days a year in May and June, and only worked 14 of those 30 days.  It was a pretty tough gig - lol.  

We recently took our traveling petting zoo, camrides, pony rides, and animal encounters to fairs in Minnesota, Missouri, and Iowa during the month of July.  Now we are home for a while to do local fairs and events, and then we will be gearing up for the Fall petting zoo season.  Before long it will be time to work the Nativity Scene season again.  Our camels, donkey, and sheep can give a church nativity scene or passion play that authentic appeal and we keep busy, busy during the month of December every year!   

I always love being on the road, but am always ready to come home too.  Plus, I had to get home to get the August Whale Zookeeper Boxes out to our subscribers!  


Anybody want to babysit a kangaroo joey and baby otter?  I often live my life’s schedule by the bottle baby feeding schedule - it’s been a lifelong schedule it seems.  Works pretty good until an emergency comes along and then you have to travel WITHOUT the babies.  Finding a babysitter can prove tough at times.  Last minute out of state funeral this week proved to be one of those times when I needed a babysitter for my critters.  

My youngest son volunteered to keep them and so we left.  Then he got a last minute job hauling some animals and so I was looking again - texting, messaging, etc.  I had volunteers for the kangaroo joey, but that otter - poor Pixie - nobody wanted to watch her.  She is like having a baby.  She comes with a feeding pen, bathtub, playpen, toys, towels, blankets, and puppy pads.  She requires 4 feedings a day and a bath at least once a day.  She likes to lay in her bowl of milk - quite the mess!  And, she is tiny and cute, but she can be a bit much to handle at times! 

I finally talked my daughter-in-law into taking the otter.  She already has one so it will be like having twins for her- I mean really what’s the problem.  She just has the zoo to work this weekend with only one employee - lol.  My oldest granddaughter, Hadley, said she would take care of Rowdy the Roo!  She has already sent me photos of him laying in bed with her and her sisters - they will have him spoiled for sure before I get home.  And, he helped run their lemonade stand too!  Buy a lemonade and pet the kangaroo!  She is a future entrepreneur for sure.  First thing she wanted to know when I asked her to watch him is “what money are we talking about”.   She drives a hard bargain! 


We are still with our theme of an ocean full of fun for the summer!  Our June Sea Turtle Boxes, July Shark Boxes, and August Whale Boxes have all been shipped out to our Zookeeper Box subscribers!  

Thanks to our many new subscribers we have almost sold out of our Shark Boxes in July and our Whale Boxes in August.  Therefore, we are going to open up a few more available slots on our boxes and order additional product for our September boxes so we can keep up with our new subscriber demand.  PS - I hear there will be an additional surprise in the September boxes for current subscribers - a gift from Pixie the Otter!

So don’t be left out of all the fun – you have until August 26th to subscribe and receive our September Otter Box!  There is a wild adventure in every box and it is delivered right to your doorstep for fun and learning all about animals every month!

As a reminder, we also have a limited number of our Past Boxes on the Shop page of our website at   So if you missed a box or you just want to try us out before you subscribe – go on over to our website and check out some of our past boxes. 

Don’t forget to watch for our Animal Fun Fact Tuesdays and Habitat Fact Thursdays on our social media pages!  We will be learning about whales and the ocean habitat thru the end of August!


Meet Ziggy and Hershey!  They are part of the traveling petting zoo.  Ziggy is a Zedonk - half zebra, half donkey!.  Hershey is a young African Pgymy Goat.  They are big buddies!

It was fun watching people in the petting zoo trying to guess what type of animal Ziggy is - I know we could have put a sign up, but it makes it more interactive with the public.  

We will leave it here for now but I’ll be back next month with more from the Animal Explorers Club!  See you soon and have a zooper day!

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